About Gustav Wall

There was always a piano at Gustavs parents home where he grew up, in southern Sweden. It was the perfect tool for expressing feelings and ideas. His grandfather, who passed away before his own mother was born, was the one with the musical talent in the family and luckily it was passed on.

Gustav later became very fascinated with the effect sound and music had in films and games, the way sound and music could manipulate or enhance an image or a story.

Later, in 2010, he started recording short sessions of minimal piano music with sound design elements. These were short ideas and melodies that stuck. The short melodies were immediately appreciated by filmmakers and ended up in a Swedish award-winning short documentaries, by Erik Bäfving and Malin Andersson, and he decided to become a composer and sound designer.

From simple ideas, to full bloomed compositions with many elements, his unique way of approaching the piano is central.

Today Gustav writes music for various projects, ranging from short intense clips to full length movies. He’s also part of several collaborations with other musicians, recording and performing live as flamingus.

Gustav Wall


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