The Last Circus Princess (Additional Music)

Sweden 2020

, Auto Images, Åsa Sjöström

, 58 minutes

Simona is a young woman fighting against all odds. In The Last Circus Princess she transforms from a vulnerable and insecure teenager to a strong and independent woman, fighting for her own way of life. A journey full of complexity and confusion.

For her entire life Simona has been traveling with the family circus from town to town performing to an audience giving her admiration. But slowly the circus life is declining, and Simona will have to make a choice. Either she continues to carry the legacy of the circus by becoming the seventh generation of artists. Or she breaks the long family tradition and steps into an unknown life outside the circus.

The Last Circus Princess tells a story about a dying artform and a young girl, who knows nothing else than living and working in the circus. A couple of years back they were three generations traveling with the circus. Now they are two. Will Simona be the last?

Jozi Gold

Sweden 2019

, WG Film, Fredrik Gertten, Sylvia Vollenhoven

, 90 minutes

The mines of Johannesburg, or Jozi, have produced a third of all the gold mined in human history. Now the mines are falling apart and the city confronts an environmental nightmare: Tons of radioactive waste polluting the air and turning water into poisonous Acid Mine Drainage. Former Jehovah’s Witness Mariette is on a mission to uncover the truth about Jozi’s mine waste and force the gold industry to take responsibility.

Petra & Peter

Sweden 2019

, Masters of Reality, Johanna Aust

, 90 minutes

Petra & Peter is a documentary drama about consequences of both alcoholism and adoption for two very different siblings. They are grown up and now living separate lives. But they have one thing in common – they both want life to be something else.

Tiny Tim - King for a Day

Sweden 2019

, Momento film, Johan von Sydow

, 90 minutes

The story about the outcast, Herbert Khary’s rise to stardom as Tiny Tim, is the ultimate fairytale. And so is his downfall. Either considered a freak or a genius Tiny Tim left no one unaffected. His wedding on the Carson Show was watched by over 45 million Americans and his queer personality have been celebrated by the likes of Bob Dylan, Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga. There were plans and hopes that Tiny Tim would be a lasting star, not only a novelty act. But one man ruined these plans. Tiny Tim.

The exclusive access to Tiny Tim’s diaries, and interviews with his family and friends, makes this film not only a unique portrait of one of the oddest stars the world has ever seen, but also a psychological thriller, examining the borderline between freak and genius.


Sweden 2018

, Socialclub Film, Erik Warolin

, 8 minutes

When Jonna is told by her boss to be more friendly to the diner’s customers, she could never believe what that would result in. What at first seems like a polite conversation with the only guest quickly escalates to an unexpected turn of events.

Ghost Rockets

Sweden 2015

, Michael Cavanagh, Kerstin Übelacker

, 70 minutes

In the Ghost Rockets documentary we will see the inner workings of an organisation who have earned the trust of the Swedish Military, yet have not abandoned the possibility of the extraordinary.

Blood Sisters (Additional Music)  

Sweden 2015

, Malin Andersson

, 83 minutes

Blood Sisters is a feature documentary film about the unconditional love and sister symbiosis between the twins Julia and Johanna from Malmö, Sweden. The film is directed and produced by Malin Andersson Film, and is completed in 2015. Gustav composed the music for some of the scenes in this film.

With Open Eyes 422 400

Sweden, 2013

, Erik Bäfving

, 14 minutes

25 years after my fathers suicide I write a letter to his sister. I need to know what was hidden from us. In the envelope I receive old photographs along with a story about a concealed heritage. The images from way back, meets the photos of the modern times, and for the first time, a context is sensed.

Inbetweener 242 271 302 184

Sweden, 2011

, Erik Bäfving

, 14 minutes

A film about a teenage boy, his father’s suicide and the emotional vacuum that occurred after wards. Through forgotten drawings and photographs, we follow a young boy´s attempt to escape a painful memory and handle things on his own just like his dad used to do.After years of increasing isolation, it is love that leads to an inevitable ultimatum, to continue to follow in his dad’s footsteps, or let time catch up.